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by Christiane de la Paz

January 2009 -- It has become a commonplace in contemporary art that a work has to be compositionally busy or wisecracks in a variety of forms. In Roma Valles’ case, her technically ambitious but masterfully works, much of whose content seems to be an exploration of her personal history, proves that command in technique is never forsaken as it is one of the qualities she knows that endures. While her art is viewed as mellow and conservative, it is never sheltered from contemporary art. They are gorgeously sensual, thoughtful and powerful which gradually won her substantial following and inclusion in important exhibitions. In this interview, Roma Valles talks about her student years, her influences, her method in painting, her family, her interests and the joys of being a mother and an artist at the same time....

THE DEVIANT ARTIST: Costantino Zicarelli

by Christiane de la Paz

December 2008 - - Costantino Zicarelli belongs to the new generation of artists whose paintings are difficult to like but harder to ignore. His art differs from the standards as he chooses to paint the deviant and morose. With his art, Costantino Zicarelli hopes to change how viewers look with disfavor and antipathy paintings that are not eye candies. His works reflect his belief that an artist must be bolder in his stance and subjective feelings and emotions must be given priority than reality or nature objectively. In this interview, Costantino Zicarelli talks about his art, his boredom with his brief stint as a graphic artist, his way to success and his views and adventures as a young artist....

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